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MelonadeFX is Real-time FX Co-dev and Service Studio focused on crafting Juicy & Immersive effects elevating projects across the gaming and interactive industry.
Our team of highly skilled artists cover all aspects of the Technical Art & FX pipeline working and communicating closely with your team’s production methodologies, helping to push boundaries in the realm of real-time.

What we do


Collaboration is our core, we feed back on regular basis, attend meetings, showcase work and integrate as full team members


Our Tools allow you to scale up existing VFX pipelines to epic proportions. Their procedural nature can make it as robust or simple as possible.


We tailor-made solutions for upgrading your next-gen idea, squeezing the highest fidelity out of your project.


We care deeply and understand the importance of maintaining securities of ideas, technologies, NDA and IP rights.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

We provided Cinematic, Gameplay and Environmental FX  focussing on realism and storytelling

We proudly work for

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Destruction, Power-ups and Fusing Visuals Effects, for the Comic-Book Inspired Hack’n’Slash ARPG

Specialized in real time VFX

Melonade’s Artists are well-equipped with the best-performing software in the industry and are experienced in Unreal and Unity game engines.  Always on the lookout for the latest tech, we believe it plays a crucial role in the present and future of real-time such as: VR, AI, proceduralism, Simulations, Volumetrics and Particles we bring our AAA - game on all these topics.


An award-winning immersive experienced deep in the oceans, which thanks to our Tech Art team was optimized, benchmarked and tested for porting on mobile VR.

Did we spark your interest?

Want to know more about our VFX Studio, looking to scale up your Real-time VFX, tackle real-time challenges, or have any other questions, please get in touch with us.
We’re always happy to meet new Teams, Studios, and Game Developers.

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